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We have the capacity to provide support to 74 individuals. All of our residents have a learning disability while many have other physical disabilities. The majority of our residents have been in care for much of their lives although this percentage is decreasing with time as other younger residents leave their family homes and come to the Trust. The age range is large with our youngest individual being aged 21 and the eldest 85! We have broadly similar numbers of men and women in our care. Irrespective of age or gender, however, we do try to ensure that our residents can lead lives which are as full as possible and in keeping with their wishes; foreign holidays, adventure and activity breaks, craft and design clubs, shopping expeditions, visits to friends, sports and leisure pursuits, the selection of staff members, and the participation in a variety of meetings and workshops are all normal activities in their daily lives in addition to living peacefully and securely as part of the greater community.

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